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The professionalism of our team and our cutting-edge technology workshops allow Plani-Mex to serve its customers in Quebec, Canada and around the world with pride. Our pride is in being the undisputed pioneer in the design and production of displays in different forms and for different uses. Our clientele is very diverse, from financial institutions, service agencies, pharmacies and beauty product and fashion retailers to food stores, etc.

Adding value to your products is our specialty. To achieve this, our display modules are custom-designed and produced to respond to your needs. Our goal is to address your every need and bring your ideas to life. Our range of solutions is very versatile: wall-mounted cases, counter displays, floor models, document holders for brochures and magazines, etc. We also produce raffle boxes, donation boxes, candy containers, etc.




Aluminum floor poster holder 8,5" x 11"



Aluminum support for 10" electronic tablet



  • 5 reasons to do business with us:
  • 1A unique and exclusive conception
  • 2Product customization according to your needs
  • 3An outstanding and fast service
  • 4Respect of delivery times
  • 5Visual 3D models